Quick Update

I only have a few minutes. My sister and I are going out to do some dancing tonight since it’s my last official weekend of summer. I spent all day in the classroom and things are finally coming together! I uploaded this cute writing process pencil poster on TpT last night and thought you might be interested. You can get it by clicking on the picture below!

Make sure to come back soon to see pictures of my completed classroom!

Classroom Website

I have been working diligently the last few weeks to get my classroom set up for my new group of kiddos!  I cannot wait to meet them! A few days ago, I sent out my “Welcome!” postcards and included a link to our classroom website so that students and parents could get a head start looking at what the year might be like. Of course, the “flavor” doesn’t come until the kids do – but it’s up to us teachers to get them excited about going back to school.  I hope the website does just the thing.

You can click on the graphic above to go to our class website.  I’ve included a welcome, class supply list, and information about me and my assistant on the website.  One thing I added at the last minute and really built up was my Classroom Expectations page.  Since this is my second year teaching and I struggled with classroom management last year, I spent a lot of the summer getting my plan together.  I though sharing it online with my students and parents might be a good idea.

I also added a classroom blog so that the students (and I…) can update with pictures and words about what we’re working on and learning in the room.  It’s a perfect way for parents to see what we’re doing!  And I have a feeling the kids will love getting on there to show off their stuff!

Do you have a classroom website?  How do you utilize it?  Is it mainly for student use or home communication?  I’d love to see it/hear all about it!  Share!

Click here to see my class website.